The Importance Of Building Or Buying Deer Hunting Blinds

The traditional deer blind has always been a no frills structure hidden among trees and wooded areas where deer frequent. In recent years a new style of deer hunting has popped up though; a sort of hunting ground constructed for the wealthy hunter to spend his deer season. For a hefty price these grounds often provide a lodge for the hunter stay in, and hunting blinds placed in strategic locations throughout the property with all the bells and whistles.

This kind of hunting however, goes far beyond what the average deer hunter needs during hunting season. Many hunters have found they can hunt deer from their own backyards. These hunters often face an extra obstacle though; it can be more difficult for them to remain hidden from the deer, and often times scent is the first thing to tip the deer off. Having a hunting blind can often be a great solution to this problem though, and while some hunters choose to construct their own, there are many prefabricated blinds on the market that do a great job for nearly no effort.

The best part of the prefab hunting blind is it’s ability to travel. They are generally set up and deconstructed very easily, and can be moved from one hunting spot to the next in relatively little time. A hunter now has the option to try a few different spots this season, not just the same old site he’s hunted for years in his homemade blind. One thing to look for when buying a prefab blind is steel supporting brackets; this will ensure the blind is sturdy. Another nice feature is fabric sleeves to store leg and framing posts during transport and storage.

Regardless of the type of prefab blind you go with though, always be sure they have detailed assembly instructions. There is nothing worse than fumbling around in the woods trying to set up your hunting blind; not only could you alert deer in the area to your presence, but you could also lose essential items in the shuffle. Also be sure you’re not sucked in by clever advertising. A hunting blind doesn’t need all the bells and whistles some blinds offer; they need to serve the hunter’s purpose. A comfortable place to sit will be necessary, along with a few windows to see out of and a nice dark green or brown color to camouflage the blind.