Great Elk Hunting in New Mexico

Truly one of the best experiences I have had in my lifetime was the elk hunting trip I took last season with my two friends. Before actually taking time off work, we planned the trip for months, down to the smallest detail, to ensure that we would have the best time possible. Our biggest question in the beginning was where to go. With all the great locations around the country and many states offering excellent hunting grounds and services, it was a little tough deciding.

After many debates, we finally decided on the state of New Mexico. Once the major decision of location was out of the way we then turned our attention to buying the appropriate hunting gear, selecting the hunting equipment we would be using and educating ourselves since this was our first hunt. Since coming back from our adventure, I have been shared with friends many times about planning elk hunting trips and hope that you also find these tips helpful in planning your own trips.

The first aspect worth mentioning in planning a trip is that its a good idea to start with location. New Mexico is an excellent choice and has actually boosted its economy through big game hunts and is now in the lead over other states. Because of its strict conservation methods and excellent hunting grounds, the elk population is plentiful making a successful hunt very likely.

You will especially enjoy your time in New Mexico if you want to be in close contact with the elk while enjoying a variety of gorgeous scenery and terrain. I recommend that you research the best hunting states and what they have to offer and determine what is right for you.

No matter what state you choose, there are a wide variety of companies known as outfitters, that offer their services as guides in elk hunting. I would personally recommend using a guide through one of the many outfitters if you are not a seasoned hunter. The guides in these agencies know the terrain well and are able to assess your skill level, allowing for a challenging hunt without it being too difficult.

Each outfitter is different but some offer great amenities including, showers, meals, licenses and hunting equipment and usually work hard to provide great service so you will want to use them again in the future.

Another important thing you want to make sure and do before your trip is to educate yourself about the animal itself. Elk hunting is known to be a test of skill whether it is with a bow, muzzle loader or rifle. Elk are among the most cunning of animals and have a very acute sense of danger. It is very possible for you to be right in front of a large bull weighing 700-800 lbs, only to be fooled by its hasty escape. This challenge is probably what you will find most exciting about the hunt whether you end up bagging a large bull or not. You should also read up on bugling.

Bugling instruments are made to mimic the sounds of bulls or cows and draw them into range. You definitely want to choose a quality piece to add to your hunting equipment since it can determine the outcome of your hunt by bringing the animals to you or scaring them off.

By adequately preparing for your trip, educating yourself and having the right hunting gear you will definitely be on the right track for a successful hunt. Studying the behavior of elk and knowing how to bring them into range before hand might possibly even bag you that great catch all of us are looking for when elk hunting!

Saskatchewan Black Bear Hunting – Best Hunting Opportunities

In the wilderness surrounding Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, there is an abundance of wildlife that has drawn attention from many of the top big game hunters in the world. Saskatchewan black bear hunting is one particular specialty that draws its fair share of enthusiasts. The remote feeling of being deep in nature with the added thrill of being able to go out and harvest an elusive and black bear equals one of the most exciting hunting trips of a lifetime. Bear hunting is something that used to be more commonplace, but has become something that you have to seek out more and more, as restrictions have been tightened.

There are many different methods that can be used with Saskatchewan black bear hunting, including bow hunting, rifle, and muzzleloader. The most successful bear hunts will use baits, so that hunters can be sure to have a clear view of their trophy. At the rate with which black bears roam this area, each bait area will see approximately two to five bears each day, giving hunters ample opportunity to harvest a trophy on most any hunting expedition. The main season for bear hunting in Saskatchewan is from late April through early June. In the early summer months, the abundance of wild berries can draw hordes of bears to this region.

Another popular method for Saskatchewan black bear hunting is through the spot and stalk method, which doesn’t rely on bait so much as knowledge of where the bears are going to be according to following their tracks and eating patterns. Once you have spotted a bear, you can follow it throughout the Canadian wilderness, which can be an interesting adventure in itself. When stalking a bear, be sure to always keep the wind blowing in your face, as bears rely on their sense of smell far more than their eyesight, which can be poor.

To get started with learning more about Saskatchewan black bear hunting and whether or not this could be the right region for you to embark on the adventure of a lifetime, it’s a good idea to read up on bear hunting techniques and start imagining yourself out there in the wild. Along with the bears, you may also have the opportunity to see wolves, deer, and other animals out in their natural habitat, making this a thrilling voyage into nature. Flying into Saskatoon is recommended, and from there you can venture out an hour or two into the surrounding wilderness for best results.


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World Class Fishing And Hunting

Panama City FL is one of the nations top inshore and offshore fishing destinations. This area is home to virtually every species of saltwater game fish imaginable. Few people realize that Panama City FL is also called “The Wreck Capital of the South” due to the large number of historic wrecks and reefs in our waters. These wrecks & reefs are just another reason we have some of the finest fishing in the world right here on the Emerald Coast of Florida. Some of the most popular fish in the area are…

Grouper, Amberjack, Red Snapper, King Mackerel, Tarpon, Triggerfish, Sheepshead, Flounder and Cobia.

Safety is our #1 goal. We always like to have a great time while practice safe boating habits and following all laws & regulations. To insure your safety we provide the latest safety & navigation equipment. All boats & captains are 100% Certified by the US Coast Guard. Every time we set sail we strive to give you the very best experience during your fishing charter. For your safety we are also fully licensed and insured. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions.


We offer many types of trips & fishing packages. No matter your experience on the water, we guarantee your satisfaction when fishing with Our trips include three types, Full Day, Half Day and Evening/Night trips. Trip options are Inshore & Bay Fishing (Seatrout, Redfish, Flounder, Etc) , Offshore Fishing Trips (Grouper, Snapper, Kingfish, Triggerfish, Mahi-Mahi, Cobia, Amberjack, Etc.) and Night Shark Fishing Trips. See you on the water!


Known to most visitors for its 27 miles of white sand beaches, Panama City FL is also know as a world-class fishing destination. Our crystal blue waters offer an experience like no other as you cruise the Emerald Coast in search of trophy game fish. We encourage you to take a break from the ordinary and experience something you & your family will remember for a lifetime handles all licensing and permits required for all of the type’s of fishing you will enjoy on your charters. We do recommend for you to bring your State ID or Drivers License.

Each boat is licensed to carry up to 6 passengers, However; for your own comfort and enjoyment, we suggest no more than 4 people fishing on offshore fishing trips. Our “Eco-Tours” and “Dolphin Tours” accommodate up to 6 guests very comfortably. Inshore/bay fishing trips are limited to a maximum of 3 passengers for comfort and safety.

For more details on our products and services, please feel free to visit us at Panama city inshore fishing charters, Fishing charters in panama city beach florida & Fishing charters panama city beach fl


Hunting Guns for the Hunting Season

Black powder guns or muzzleloaders are very different from the ones being used today. Guns presently use bullets and cartridges. Black powder guns are loaded with black powder made of potassium nitrate, carbon, powdered sulfur, water, water and denatured alcohol. They are typically used for accurate and long distance shots, and are very good for hunting.

History will tell you that the Chinese were credited for coming up with this type while experimenting on explosives that can be used in their rituals and ceremonies. There are a number of factors that may affect the mechanism of these guns. These include ignition system, choke, shot charge, propellant, over-powder ward, and configuration.

There are some shops that can assist you for the selection of your hunting guns. These shops can either be online or over the counter. Seldom would you see suppliers that stock firearms and black powder. This is due to the restrictions by the federal law. USA classifies real black powder as explosives so retailers and dealers are asked to initially get a special permit before they can sell or even stock them.

Although black powder guns do not fire fixed ammunition, they are not restricted by any federal law. However, there are some states that restrict direct selling, like New York, Michigan, Massachusetts, Illinois, and Hawaii. Therefore one should find a dealer to act as a middle agent.

Heres what you can do to get your hunting gun online. First, fill out a form for your firearm purchase. Find a shop with a current Federal Firearms License (FFL). Upon receipt of your order confirmation online, include the dealers contact information in the comments box.

Go to your chosen dealer and tell them you would like to transfer a firearm from an online shop. The dealer, of course, will charge you a minimal fee for the transfer.

Print and fill out the FFL transfer form and have the dealer fax or mail it to the shop. Have the dealer sign the transfer form. Be sure to include the order number and the dealers license number before sending or faxing the document.

The shop will then do the shipment once they have received the dealers signed FFL and their FFL transfer form. You should receive a tracking number. In the process, the dealer will make the necessary background check. After you accomplish all the paper works, your dealer will tell you when you can pick up the order.

To avoid all inconveniences, buying guns can also be done over the counter. There are dealers licensed to sell guns and its accessories. Here are some of them:

Middleboro Gun Shop
This is located at 194 East Grove St Middleboro Massachusetts. The store is open from 9am to 5pm eastern time, Mondays to Fridays, except on Thursdays when they close a bit later at around 7pm. The shop has a gun product line including pistols, revolvers, shotguns and black powder guns. They also have ammunitions, speed loaders, magazines, holsters and other accessories. It offers firearms safety classes including types of firearms, safe handling and regulations and laws in different states.

The shop also provides cleaning and repair services. Store policies include 50% on special orders, cash transactions for all gun transfers and consignments; plus, a minimum $ 25 purchase using a credit card.

Nagels Gun Shop
This is found along San Pedro Avenue in San Antonio, Texas. They have a variety of product lines including firearms, knives, reloading equipment, clothing, optics and ammunition along with firearm cleaning equipments, maps and safes. The store operates from 9am to 6pm, all day except Sundays. The shop has gunsmiths to cater repairs and cleaning services. They also give warranty repairs on Winchester, Remington and Browning.

Cabelas Worlds Foremost Outfitter
The shop offers quality outdoor merchandises in areas of archery, fishing, boating, camping and hunting. Hunting goods include firearms, ammunition, survival navigation, decoy, lights, knives and tools along with black powder guns, accessories, books, outfitters camp and hunting apparels. They also have a number of showrooms all throughout the United States.

The retail stores in Texas are located along Cabela Drive in Fort Worth, Texas. This retail store features a product line together with educational and entertainment attractions including a museum, aquarium and trophy animals. They are open Mondays until Saturdays, from 9am to 9pm, central time. On Sundays, they are open from 9am to 7pm. The store also provides parking spaces, picnic areas, ponds, indoor archery ranges, outdoor theaters, meeting facilities and lodging accommodations.

What to Hunt When … Hunting Seasons

Hunting is a favorite pastime of many and it is a sport that many people are becoming interested in daily. However, many hunters like to hunt for specific wildlife which have particular hunting seasons. If you are unsure about the hunting season for your particular hunt, then this article should help you to identify specific hunting season dates and locations so that you can plan your next hunting trip around these dates.

These are a few of the general hunting dates for some of your favorite hunts. Deer is a huge hunting season. The deer season lasts from November 1st until December 7th. However, hunting deer with a muzzleloader is from November 1st until November 7th while hunting deer with firearms is open from November 8th until December 7th. If you can get away for a weekend, there is a youth deer hunt from October 25th to October 26th , the last weekend in October. This is a fun pre hunting season challenge.

There is also a youth turkey hunting weekend which kicks off the turkey hunting season. From May 3rd until May 31st, the wild turkey hunting season commences. Later on in the fall, the fall turkey season begins with archery from September 15th to December 15th. If you use a shotgun to hunt turkey with, then the fall season for hunting with shotguns is from October 13th until October 17th. In this case, hunting is only allowed from Monday to Friday and is only available in certain areas of the country. Please check with your hunting range previous to making hunting arrangements.

Black bear hunting starts on September 1st. The closing date to this hunting season is still undetermined because of the method and particular location’s regulation. However, the season usually ends sometime in November, making October the perfect month for black bear hunting.

If you are interested in waterfowl hunting the seasons begins in September and ends sometime in January of the following year. Once again the opening and closing dates for waterfowl hunting differ depending on the zone and the particular waterfowl species. From September 27th until September 28th, there is a youth waterfowl hunting weekend.

Moose hunting season runs from October 18th until October 26th. However, be aware that moose hunting almost always requires a moose hunting permit. For any small game hunting, the season is open from September until March of the following year. As you can see, hunting is available year round. If you have a specific prey then you can find your prey’s particular season. If you are an overall hunter, then you can hunt year round.

Some wise tips for the different hunting seasons include calling ahead to your hunting lodge to make sure that your prey is in season and for how long the season will last from. Then make sure that there is space available at that particular lodge to make a reservation so that you don’t miss out on your prey’s hunting season. You should also verify if a hunting permit is required for the particular hunt you will be going on. This will make your vacation and hunting trip go problem free so that you can relax, enjoy and concentrate on your hunt.


Elk Hunts – Benefits of Outfitters and Guides For Successful Elk Hunts

Elk Hunting Outfitters:

Not just any wanna-be can print up cards and claim to be a pro Elk Hunting Outfitter and take hunters on successful Elk Hunts. Many states/provinces require specialized training and licensing. Elk Hunting Outfitters acquire permission to hunt in specific areas or units. This creates accountability and responsibility for the land and the elk herd.

Elk Hunting Outfitters will be familiar with all the necessary licenses, tags, season dates, permissible weapons and hunting methods for elk hunts. They can assist with travel arrangements, transportation needs, and gear and equipment for elk hunts.

Hunting arrangements can range from self-guided drop camps to an all inclusive 1 on 1 guided elk hunts providing customized service. Elk Hunting Outfitters will oftentimes have a staff of trained guides to facilitate the actual elk hunts.

Elk Hunting Guides:

These are the pros that are in the field with you, assisting you with each aspect during the elk hunts. Many times Elk Hunting Guides are life time (or at least long time) residents of the hunting area and are very familiar with the best methods to find the herd, spot the big bulls and use calling techniques to get the big bulls into range.

Tim Doud of Bliss Creek Guide School trains all his Elk Hunting Guides to specialize in Archery Elk Hunts. He says, “Archery Elk hunting is the most challenging hunt in North America, and if we train for the hardest hunt there is, than all other hunts will be easy by comparison.”

Some Elk Hunting Outfitters also act as the hunting guide, and sometimes it’s a family business with everyone pitching in to ensure the safety, success and enjoyment of the elk hunters. These kinds of hunts can be really fun because of the camaraderie around the camp. It is typically the unified goal of the Lodge, Outfitter and Guide to make sure the hunter has such a great elk hunt that they come back next year…with friends!

Elk Hunting Lodges:

There are three main species of Elk. Most common is the majestic Rocky Mountain Elk, but there is also the Roosevelt Elk in the northwest and the Tule Elk of California. Everywhere there is Elk hunting, you will find Elk Hunting Lodges providing a vast array of services, accommodations and amenities. It is highly recommended to take advantage of the internet to see pictures, check out references and review elk hunting reports before booking your elk hunt at any Elk Hunting Lodge. Doing this will ensure there are no surprises upon arrival.

Years ago, there was a hunter (who shall remain anonymous) that booked a Colorado Elk Hunt based on brochures that were mailed to him. After driving for 2 days, the group of hunters arrived to a shack with a leaky tin roof that reeked of hunting dogs left alone inside for days. Meals were not fit for human consumption and the game was scarce. The photos on the brochure were of a nearby Elk Hunting Lodge! Needless to say, the hunters packed it up and made other arrangements. Fortunately they did not come home empty handed. The moral of that story is: Get all the details and book your elk hunt!

Options on Elk Hunts include:

* Private land luxury lodges and ranches with guaranteed landowner tags for Elk Hunts

* Guaranteed Elk hunting preserve lodges, no tag required

* Hotels and inns near prime public hunting areas, know for Elk Hunting

* Luxury lodging near public hunting areas with Elk Hunting Guides available

* Private cabins near public forests for self-guided elk hunts

* Remote tent camps accessible only by a train of mules – usually located in quality elk hunting territory

Save Money Using Wholesale Hunting Supplies

Many hunters end up investing a lot in the equipment and gear needed to hunt. Most buy their gear at the local hunting supply store where items can often run the hunter a pretty penny. This doesn’t always have to be the case though, because there are many wholesale hunting supply stores available. Items at these stores can be bought at much cheaper prices for a variety of reasons, the most common one being that they are last year’s models, or because they aren’t a popular name brand. There are a few things to watch out for when buying at discount stores, but overall the experience can be a good one.

Since many hunters’ main concern is getting their money’s worth and not the name brand associated with the product, buying at wholesale hunting supply stores can be a great option. These products often made an appearance on the local hunting store’s shelves, but without the big name brand, it didn’t sell as well as others. The only thing to look out for when buying from a brand you’re not familiar with is making sure quality is a top priority. It’s a smart move to not buy something right off of the shelf if you’re not familiar with it; take down the name and model and go home and do some searching on the internet. Many websites are devoted to product reviews for hunting equipment, so you’ll be able to tell if you’ll get your money’s worth buying discount.

Another benefit of buying discount hunting supplies is that you can often buy doubles or backups of the same item. One instance where this may be necessary is to have an extra set of rain wear. If on a weekend hunting trip and your gear gets torn from tromping through the woods all day, an extra set of gear will be a lifesaver. When you’re getting goods at a discounted price you’ll often have more options.

There are, however, some things that shouldn’t be bought cheaply. If you’re going to splurge on a GPS unit, you need to splurge. When spending more money like this it’s always important to find product reviews online, and not spend cheaply on your system. A GPS is a high tech device and needs to be made with quality to work well and last a hunter many years.

To find local wholesale hunting stores in your area do an online search and you’ll be off and saving on hunting gear in no time!


Hunting Safari in Africa

Many people are fascinated by hunting and Africa is the one of the most famous hunting grounds of the world. African hunting safaris are full of adventure. Although a big investment, it is worth every penny and makes fond memories and experiences that very few people can brag about. There are many types of hunting safaris available in Africa such as rifle hunting, handgun hunting and bow hunting of plains game and dangerous game.

Many countries on the African continent allow hunting and permit hunting safaris while accompanied by licensed and professional guides. The most popular hunting destinations in Africa include South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Tanzania, Mozambique, Namibia, and Zambia. These countries all have a host of wild animals that allow you a complete hunting experience. African hunting safari includes hunting animals from dik dik to elephant, and everything in between.

Like every vacation, a great deal of planning is required to make your hunting safari a successful and memorable one. There are many African hunting safari outfitters who offer good deals for all those wanting to go on a hunting safari. They offer personalised services suited to your preferred needs and circumstances. However it is essential that you ensure that your selected outfitter is both licensed and a member of their countries Professional Hunting Association.

The African safari Outfitters give you a wide choice of the places you can visit for a safari with packages to suit your budget. Packages include accommodation in good safari lodges, local road transport, professional cooks and professional hunters and hunting vehicles to carry you comfortably throughout your safari. They also have facilities for daily laundry, soft drinks, bottled water and provide limited quantities of local alcohol and table wine.

Most outfitters also offer services and activities for non-hunters. There are photographic safaris and tours that enable non-hunters to experience the African safari including all the variety of the fauna and flora in all its magnificence. Thus there is no reason why an African safari hunting expedition shouldn’t be enjoyable for everyone – both hunter and non-hunter.

With the correct African safari hunting outfitter, your safari will definitely be an exciting, well-organized and trouble-free experience; which will leave you with lasting memories which you will treasure forever!


Bird Species That Are Allowed For Dove Hunting

There is nothing quite like the chase that you experience when you go Texas dove hunting. The thrill of the sport fills your blood with adrenaline and the moment you see your shot hitting your mark is not something you get to feel every day. There is a Texas hunting ranch that can cater to your need for a thrill.

This sport is opposed by some people as they believe that it is detrimental for the environment. To address such concerns, there are existing laws to protect the number of these birds. Some of which are limits as to the number of birds that can be hunted, this is known as bag number. Permits must be secured before one can be allowed to hunt. Also, certain bird species are off limits to hunters. The following bird types are those which could be hunted.

The most abundant dove species in Texas is Zenaida macroura. Its presence has been observed throughout the entire state. This bird has a characteristic long tail that allows for it to be easily distinguished when in flight. The numbers of this bird have slowly decreased and thus adjustment as to its bag number will probably have to be enforced.

The Zenaida asiatica number has increased in the recent years. These birds are found in shady trees within city limits. Fortunately, they go to gaming areas to forage. The limit to bagging this bird is set at twelve but because of the increase in its number perhaps some adjustments should be made.

The rock pigeon is another city dweller. Their nesting habits allow for you to find them on sides of buildings. There is no off season for the hunt of these birds. Likewise, there is also no bag limit. They go out of the city to feed on agricultural lands.

Another species that is open for year-round hunting is Streptopelia decaocto. Unlike rock pigeon, they choose to reside in small towns but still within city limits. Though there is no bag limit for this game, few of them actually get shot at because they leave after a few shots have been fired and do not return until the following day.

The white-fronted dove, though not as abundant, is also a legal game. They are found in Rio Grande Valley and they normally stay in bushy places to look for seeds and insects. Only two of these are allowed per permit.

Laws imposed on Texas dove hunting allow for the protection of the environment. They are put in place so that the balance of the ecosystem stays in check. Updating of the laws is also done on a regular basis so as to be sure of its applicability. For as long as permits are issued, you can be sure that you are not harming the balance of nature.