New Mexico Elk Hunts – Plan a Great Elk Hunting Trip

Cow call, cow call, BUGLE, BUGLEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Hair is standing up on your neck, your mouth is completely dry, and while you are pumped out of your mind, you are also a little nervous and fearful of what is coming towards you. And what is coming toward you is a monster bull elk with one thing on his mind, finding that cow. That cow that your hunting guide has so masterfully imitated.

New Mexico is home to a strong population of Rocky Mountain Elk. The partnership which exists between the private land owners and outfitters along with the State Department of Wildlife is a shining example of conservation and hunting going hand in hand to promote the health of a big game species.

Now for a few tips about planning great New Mexico Elk Hunts: The peak rut usually occurs in September every year, however it has been known to go into late October. As any hunter knows, the rut is the most exciting time to be in the woods, and the outfitters of New Mexico are the perfect guides to this early fall excitement. Below are listed some of the areas of New Mexico where Elk numbers are the highest, and where you are sure to find an outfitter:

* San Juan Mountains at Chama, in Game Management Unit 4
* Jemez and Sierra Nacimiento of Unit 6
* Mount Taylor in Unit 9
* Gila National Forest in Unit 16
* Carson National Forest in Units 52 and 53
* Valle Vidal in the Carson National Forest in Unit 55.

There is a license required for out of state or non-resident hunters. The licenses are typically allocated to each unit. There are over 140 units that are dedicated to hunting Elk, with rifle, muzzle loader, or bow. New Mexico reserves 12 percent of its annual licenses for non-resident hunters who hunt with an Outfitter and use a guide. A hunter really needs to have the hunt planned and the license purchased by mid-June as a deadline exists for licenses. Landowner tags are often times available from our Pro New Mexico Hunting Outfitters as well.

A New Mexico elk hunt during the rut, has all the makings of a hunt of a life time. The ability to call and interact with these enormous animals is worth the cost and time invested. Get in touch with an outfitter and plan a hunt this fall. You will not be disappointed. The Rocky Mountain Elk is truly one of the nation’s premier game animals, and New Mexico is one of the top places to get your trophy. In addition to the chance of taking a monster bull elk, you will also make a friend.

Take care of your outfitter, and be willing to learn and listen. You will get just as much out of your hunt as you put into it. Remember no guide is going to work harder than the hunter, because when all is said and done when the guide does their part and the hunter fully engages then the result is a memory and a friendship, which is so much better than a plain old guided hunt.

Good luck, and remember you can’t harvest a big bull elk if you don’t plan a New Mexico Hunting Trip!