Making Great Hunting Dogs

My hunting dogs and I have shared some of the greatest times of my life and some of my most successful hunts. Hunting with a well trained dog offers a great experience like no other. I have owned a few hunting dogs over the years and know from experience that if treated right the dog will become your best friend and become very loyal to you. My dogs have become part of not only my hunting trips but also my family.

There are a lot of things that go into choosing the right dog and it is important to spend a little time with the one you are thinking of choosing before purchasing, to make sure you are compatible. You should feel comfortable with your dog as a large part of the success of your hunt depends on your furry companion.

A hunting dog is an essential tool to the hunters command and also a faithful companion. You will not only rely on your dogs keen instincts to hunt but will also establish a unique and special relationship and learn to read each others signals, one of the reasons I love hunting with a dog. There are many places to find good dogs but I personally recommend and have had the most success purchasing through a breeder.

A reputable breeder will easily be able to show you purebred documentation, but you should not hesitate to ask questions about their experience in dog breeding. You will also want to take note of the conditions of the kennel where the dog is kept. Good breeders care about their dogs and keep their kennels clean. This is one of the first things I look for when choosing a dog.

The training of your hunting dog is also a very important aspect in choosing the right dog for you and something you will want to look into before making a purchase. Some hunters choose to train the dog themselves and although not impossible, training a dog requires great patience and knowledge in order to get good results. I have always chosen to hire a professional trainer as it is the best way to train the dog for hunting and making sure that he is well prepared.

Because many times a dog is not just a hunting companion but also a family pet, it is easy for the lines of communication to become crossed between a dog and his master and hiring a professional enables a smoother training experience for both. A professional can also help a hunter understand what he sees versus what the dog is seeing. You might also want to think about putting your dog in obedience classes as this will give them the opportunity to socialize.

There are many dogs to choose from but you will want to choose one according to the type of hunting you are doing. Some characteristics of certain breeds make them naturally right for certain types of hunting and you will have the most success choosing the right breed for your hunting style. You will find that Retrievers are great for retrieving downed ducks or geese in water, whereas scent hounds are excellent at tracking game by smell, even in extreme conditions.

Pointers are great dogs for locating the specific location of small game while terriers are best known for being great at flushing animals that live in burrows. The instinctive characteristics of each of these types of dogs make them excellent for training as hunting dogs and you will greatly benefit and have a more successful hunt by choosing the right hunting dog.