Hunting Ranches and Game Preserves

Exotic Game Hunting Ranches and Game Preserves Offer: Axis Deer, Sika Deer, Fallow Deer, Black Buck Antelope, Red Stag, Oryx, Aoudad Sheep, Ibex cross, Barbados Ram, Texas Dahl Ram, Catalina Goat, Corsican Ram, Mouflon Ram, Black Hawaiian Ram, Russian Wild Boar Hog. If you are looking for year-round exotic game hunting, our exotic hunting ranches and game preserves are second-to-none! Go to Texas or Maine for the exotic hunt of a lifetime!

If you are looking for a special kind of hunting adventure, the Exotic Game Hunting Ranch and Game Preserve might just be what you are looking for. Hunting ranches and game preserves, like hotels, have various levels of service and accommodations. To insure a fantastic hunt, be clear with the Hunting Ranch and Game Preserve so you will know exactly what to expect so you arrive.

* How much property is hunted on the ranch or preserve?

* What kind of property is it? (wooded, hills, fields, ect…)

* What kind of hunting lodge is provided (bunk-house or private bed/bath)?

* Are meals provided, and are they sandwiches or home-cooked meals?

* Is transportation on the Hunting Ranch included?

* Will there be a hunting guide service provided?

* And most importantly, what about the HUNTING!?!

* Are there trophy fees?

* Are package plans available at the hunting ranch?

* Are non-hunters welcome? What are the daily costs?

The Exotic Hunting Ranches and Game Preserves listed on our website will be happy to provide you with all the information you need to make plans for a fun and exciting trip.

Because the game on exotic hunting ranches and game preserves is not native, they do not usually fall into the hunting season laws of the state/province, and can usually be hunted year round. However, some game is better hunted during certain seasons, so be sure to check with the hunting guide or outfitter at the hunting ranch. You will find that an exotic game hunting ranch is an especially fun way to introduce a young hunter to the sport! Listed below are just a few of the exotic game animals that are popular to hunt at Exotic Game Hunting Ranches across the US and Canada. Texas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Florida have become very popular destinations for hunters looking for a quick and exciting hunt get-a-way. Here is a basic list of exotic game that can be hunted at many hunting preserves and ranches:

Exotic Deer at Hunting Ranches and Preserves

Axis Deer : Axis Deer, aka the Chital deer, is native to India but thrives in the US. This beautiful deer has long horns that drop each year just like a whitetail, spotted coat and have a lifespan of up to 14 years. Delicious meat!

Fallow Deer: Fallow Deer, aka Dama deer, is native to Eurasia but thrives in the US. The horns are palmed and drop annually. They have a spotted coat and live up to 16 years. Also quite tasty!

Sika Deer: Sika Deer, aka Japanese deer, is actually a cousin to the Red Deer. This deer was on the brink of extinction but now is abundant in many regions of the world. The Sika Deer keeps its spots.

Red Stag: Red Stag are native to Europe and Asia Minor. Majestic antlers that drop annually much like their cousin the Elk. They have a red coat and delicious meat.

Exotic Ram and Sheep at Hunting Ranches and Preserves

Mouflon Ram: The Mouflon is a wild sheep that is native to the mountainous regions of Iraq and Iran. They are tough animals that adapt well to various habitats. Very challenging to hunt! Impressive horns curl outward and wide!

Coursican Sheep: Corsican Sheep is lighter in color and the horns curl inward. Sometimes referred to as “Painted Desert Sheep”. Again, these are tough animals, so be prepare for a challenging hunt!

Black Hawaiian Ram: The Black Hawaiian – is not from Hawaii. He’s a blend of the Corsican Sheep and Mouflon – Custom breed in TEXAS and can grow to a whopping 250lbs. Free ranging in TX, CA, FL and HA.

Texas Dall Sheep: Texas Dall – is from Texas. AKA the White Corsican. They are a truly beautiful Sheep and make for a fantastic addition to any hunters trophy gallery!

Barbados Ram: Barbados Ram is native to the Caribbean Islands and has a black belly and red coat.

Aoudad, AKA Barbary Sheep: Aoudad, AKA Barbary Sheep, native to North Africa, these beautiful and tough animals have become free ranging in parts of Texas and California. They have wide horns and a long, beard reaching to their knees.

Exotic Goat at Hunting Ranches and Preserves

Angora Goat: Angora Goat, native to Turkey, have a beautiful coat known as “Mohair” and long, wide horns. They thrive in the south west, but are hunted on many hunting ranches across the US.

Catalina, AKA Spanish Goat: Spanish Goat have long, curling horns and the coats are varying on both male and female. These goats have become free ranging in over 27 states.

Ibex: The Ibex is a wild goat in the mountainous, rugged regions. These creatures are tough and agile, so prepare yourself for a difficult hunt!

Exotic Antelope at Hunting Ranches and Preserves

Blackbuck Antelope: The Blackbuck Antelope, native to India, is one of the fastest animals, reaching up to 80 km/h! So be sure you’ve got that gun sighted in! The horns are long and have a graceful spiral upward. By the way, they jump really high, too!

Nilgai Antelope: The Nilgai Antelope, native to India, Pakistan and Africa is AKA Blue Bulls. These are big beasts, standing about 5 feet at the shoulder. They live to be up to 21 years old. They have short horns and a “turkey-type” beard.

Oryx Antelope: Oryx Antelope, native to Africa, has a striking facial pattern and long pointed horns. Were it not for the Hunting Game Ranches, this beautiful creature could now be extinct. In some parts of the US, it now lives free ranging.