Elk Hunts – Benefits of Outfitters and Guides For Successful Elk Hunts

Elk Hunting Outfitters:

Not just any wanna-be can print up cards and claim to be a pro Elk Hunting Outfitter and take hunters on successful Elk Hunts. Many states/provinces require specialized training and licensing. Elk Hunting Outfitters acquire permission to hunt in specific areas or units. This creates accountability and responsibility for the land and the elk herd.

Elk Hunting Outfitters will be familiar with all the necessary licenses, tags, season dates, permissible weapons and hunting methods for elk hunts. They can assist with travel arrangements, transportation needs, and gear and equipment for elk hunts.

Hunting arrangements can range from self-guided drop camps to an all inclusive 1 on 1 guided elk hunts providing customized service. Elk Hunting Outfitters will oftentimes have a staff of trained guides to facilitate the actual elk hunts.

Elk Hunting Guides:

These are the pros that are in the field with you, assisting you with each aspect during the elk hunts. Many times Elk Hunting Guides are life time (or at least long time) residents of the hunting area and are very familiar with the best methods to find the herd, spot the big bulls and use calling techniques to get the big bulls into range.

Tim Doud of Bliss Creek Guide School trains all his Elk Hunting Guides to specialize in Archery Elk Hunts. He says, “Archery Elk hunting is the most challenging hunt in North America, and if we train for the hardest hunt there is, than all other hunts will be easy by comparison.”

Some Elk Hunting Outfitters also act as the hunting guide, and sometimes it’s a family business with everyone pitching in to ensure the safety, success and enjoyment of the elk hunters. These kinds of hunts can be really fun because of the camaraderie around the camp. It is typically the unified goal of the Lodge, Outfitter and Guide to make sure the hunter has such a great elk hunt that they come back next year…with friends!

Elk Hunting Lodges:

There are three main species of Elk. Most common is the majestic Rocky Mountain Elk, but there is also the Roosevelt Elk in the northwest and the Tule Elk of California. Everywhere there is Elk hunting, you will find Elk Hunting Lodges providing a vast array of services, accommodations and amenities. It is highly recommended to take advantage of the internet to see pictures, check out references and review elk hunting reports before booking your elk hunt at any Elk Hunting Lodge. Doing this will ensure there are no surprises upon arrival.

Years ago, there was a hunter (who shall remain anonymous) that booked a Colorado Elk Hunt based on brochures that were mailed to him. After driving for 2 days, the group of hunters arrived to a shack with a leaky tin roof that reeked of hunting dogs left alone inside for days. Meals were not fit for human consumption and the game was scarce. The photos on the brochure were of a nearby Elk Hunting Lodge! Needless to say, the hunters packed it up and made other arrangements. Fortunately they did not come home empty handed. The moral of that story is: Get all the details and book your elk hunt!

Options on Elk Hunts include:

* Private land luxury lodges and ranches with guaranteed landowner tags for Elk Hunts

* Guaranteed Elk hunting preserve lodges, no tag required

* Hotels and inns near prime public hunting areas, know for Elk Hunting

* Luxury lodging near public hunting areas with Elk Hunting Guides available

* Private cabins near public forests for self-guided elk hunts

* Remote tent camps accessible only by a train of mules – usually located in quality elk hunting territory