Bird Species That Are Allowed For Dove Hunting

There is nothing quite like the chase that you experience when you go Texas dove hunting. The thrill of the sport fills your blood with adrenaline and the moment you see your shot hitting your mark is not something you get to feel every day. There is a Texas hunting ranch that can cater to your need for a thrill.

This sport is opposed by some people as they believe that it is detrimental for the environment. To address such concerns, there are existing laws to protect the number of these birds. Some of which are limits as to the number of birds that can be hunted, this is known as bag number. Permits must be secured before one can be allowed to hunt. Also, certain bird species are off limits to hunters. The following bird types are those which could be hunted.

The most abundant dove species in Texas is Zenaida macroura. Its presence has been observed throughout the entire state. This bird has a characteristic long tail that allows for it to be easily distinguished when in flight. The numbers of this bird have slowly decreased and thus adjustment as to its bag number will probably have to be enforced.

The Zenaida asiatica number has increased in the recent years. These birds are found in shady trees within city limits. Fortunately, they go to gaming areas to forage. The limit to bagging this bird is set at twelve but because of the increase in its number perhaps some adjustments should be made.

The rock pigeon is another city dweller. Their nesting habits allow for you to find them on sides of buildings. There is no off season for the hunt of these birds. Likewise, there is also no bag limit. They go out of the city to feed on agricultural lands.

Another species that is open for year-round hunting is Streptopelia decaocto. Unlike rock pigeon, they choose to reside in small towns but still within city limits. Though there is no bag limit for this game, few of them actually get shot at because they leave after a few shots have been fired and do not return until the following day.

The white-fronted dove, though not as abundant, is also a legal game. They are found in Rio Grande Valley and they normally stay in bushy places to look for seeds and insects. Only two of these are allowed per permit.

Laws imposed on Texas dove hunting allow for the protection of the environment. They are put in place so that the balance of the ecosystem stays in check. Updating of the laws is also done on a regular basis so as to be sure of its applicability. For as long as permits are issued, you can be sure that you are not harming the balance of nature.