Background On The Incredible Elk

Elk, also alluded to as Wapiti, is one of the largest deer species in North America. The only deer species that is bigger is the Moose in North America. Linked to the red deer in European countries, Elk is substantial game that can make for exciting hunting trips.

Elk like to reside near forest edges as well as feast on bark, plants, tree leaves, grass, and other vegetation. Elk need about 10-15 lbs of vegetation each day to stay healthy and also have been proven to roam a 100 square mile region searching for edible vegetation.

The males are known as bulls and the females are cows. The cows average about 500 lbs and the bulls tend to be about 25% larger than the females.

Each year the males will get rid of their antlers but will develop a new rack. Beginning in spring, the bulls grow a new rack and get rid of the old one over the wintertime season. Cultures from Asia see the elk like a highly spiritual animal and use their velvet along with antlers as traditional medicines.

There is a commercial market for elk. Elk are grown for velvet that is frequently used as medicine, and the elk meat is marketed as a specialty for dining establishments. A male elk that has been farmed produces up to 25 pounds of velvet yearly. The majority of elk run wild and hunters pay charges to go on trophy hunting excursions. There are hunts called canned hunts where the elk is placed in a limited or fenced in location enabling an easier hunt. This practice is criticized by animal rights organizations and others.

Elk hunting season varies from state to state and is generally a very short time frame. It can frequently take an advanced hunter seasons, months, and even years to track elk. Elk can be challenging to find and are not in the same area long periods of time.

Most of the very best elk hunting is located in the Colorado area as well as the Rocky Mountains. Be sure you be sensible and keep your eyes wide open, a angry elk isn’t no small deer to play with. With a rack as wide as your car a huge elk can inflict some serious damage on you if you get too close.