A Step-To-Step Guide to Jump-Shooting Ducks Prior to Going on a Port O’Connor Duck Hunting Trip

Way before the pit blinds, flagging and motorized duck decoys became a trend for waterfowling, and the experienced jump-shooters could transform a no-bird day into a bag-limit event without the help of duck calls, paddles or decoys. Jump-shooting is being done successfully when the waterfowls are resting in river bends, bays, swamps, potholes or crawl to enter into the range and then jump them in the air. Jump-shooting can be done by wearing waders or on foot, by a boat, float tube, canoe or kayak. The right jump-shooting trick to successfully do duck hunting in Port O’ Connor close the distance without getting seen that can be done through employing the following steps, lets’ check them out.

Unveiling a Step-To-Step Guide to Jump-Shooting Ducks Prior to Going on a Port O’Connor Duck Hunting Trip:

* Duck Scouting: What will you do if the birds stop moving? Well, you require getting in touch with the local farmers, landowners and other experienced hunters that might not chase ducks actually but can tell you where they have seen them and where exactly you can find them. Stay updated with the movements, habits, locations and other important details about your favorite duck species to start your hunt with a bang.

* Stalk the Birds in Daytime: In the Bluebird days, there are very fewer ducks that moves whereas during the storm events and strong windy days, moves the waterfowl towards the breaks, river bends and sheltering coves. Those are the right places that you must look into amid the dawn and dusk margins of the daytime. Stay low and skulk into position prior to getting the birds in the air. Make sure to keep the shotgun muzzle off the ground while moving, and do not collect any garbage in it.

* Stay Legal: Ensure that you are doing duck hunting in Port O’ Connor legally wherever you are trailing your ducks. So, check your rules and regulations to stay sure and hunt legally.

* Get Closer: Make use of the ground to cover your movements and find out whether the birds have rafted up on that favorite pothole, river bottom or farm field. While you approach the elbow-like corners stay low and belly crawl slowly. Take the flushing position and keep the shotgun ready and then identify your flushing target prior to shooting. Slow down and never rush it.

* Shoot to kill in a Controlled Way: Waterfowlers should be in full control of themselves and stay balanced prior to the shot. Doubles are possible only when you anchor the first bird correctly. Stay focused and while taking that shot, do not always take the closest bird in the range rather target the duck on the edge of it which will provide you adequate time to double.

While you have chased your favorite ducks and did duck hunting in Port O’ Connor at all your favorite spots, had delicious food, take a good nap and run through your waterfowling list again to make a great hunt again!