Find out how to get the supplies you need for your outdoor venture

Hunting is a sport enjoyed by millions of people throughout the nation. However, those who wish to get the most pleasure from it must prepare themselves adequately for the venture. Having the right Hunting Optics and Camping Cookware is essential to the success of a camping and hunting outing. Gathering the gear required to fully enjoy your trip can be every bit of fun as the trip itself, especially if you are able to purchase high quality items for low prices. Hunters and outdoor sportspersons can get all of the gear and devices needed to pursue their hobby from a number of well-stocked online vendors.

Each year persons who enjoy the outdoors go on various treks and outings as part of their vacation. If you are one of the many persons who enjoy such activities, you know the importance of having hunting optics and camping cookware. It gets awfully dark in the woods and forests of the great outdoors, and the only way to safely navigate your way through such areas is to use special night lighting. It is also impossible to bring the cooking amenities you use at home to your camping sight. That is why it is so vital to carry camping cookware that is safe and portable–camping cookware that you can set up and use anywhere. Having this kind of equipment is essential to enjoying your outing, rather it be for a week or a weekend.

Hunting, fishing, camping, and other outdoors activities are quite meaningful to a great many people. For many they are traditions that have been passed on through generations. For others they are the one time during the year when they get to break from the strain and pressures of life to enjoy a bit of rest and recuperations. Enjoying this time is important. And that is why you should get only the best equipment for your outdoor trip.

You need only find the right vendor in order to get this kind of equipment. To be sure, not all vendors are the same when it comes to selling camping and hunting gear. It is important to be selective and discriminating in the retailers you choose. You ought to expect the vendor you work with to answer any questions you may have about the gear you’re interested in. You should also expect the retailer to offer the best price for the equipment they are selling. Times are tough, and it is important to keep within your budget. Purchasing your equipment from a retailer that knows the market and his customers will likely result in your getting hunting and outdoors items at a low price.

Fortunately, it is not that hard to locate the kinds of outdoor equipment you need for your trip. The worldwide web is a great place to begin in your search for vendors that sell hunting optics and camping cookware. The web offers a wonderful opportunity to find retailers that offer a range of high quality equipment from which you can choose and buy.

Antelope Hunts – Tips For Successful Antelope Hunts

Preparing for Antelope Hunts: Antelope are one of North America’s most challenging animals to hunt for several reasons. First, they are FAST and they have amazing jumping ability. The Pronghorn Antelope can run 40 MPH for several miles and 60 MPH sprints. They also have incredible eyesight. The Pronghorn Antelope prefers wide open space and grassy plains, and they gather in herds. Antelope will quickly take cover under vegetation if they feel hunting pressure. Antelope Hunts are typically conducted in western states such as Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming and western Texas. It is wise to be prepared for physically challenging antelope hunts simply because the terrain is very rugged and the antelope very fast – with great eyesight!

Unless you live near Antelope territory and have access to public hunting land or a private ranch, you will probably benefit greatly by using a professional hunting guide or hunting outfitter for your Antelope hunts. Each state has its own laws, license and tag rules and your pro antelope hunting guides and outfitters can assist you through the necessary paperwork and planning.

Scouting for Antelope Hunts: And as with any good hunt, year-round scouting is critical. Your pro Antelope hunting guide will have detailed knowledge of the movements and habits of the herds and years of experience from countless Antelope Hunts. Be sure to ask your guide what his antelope scouting habits are before you book your hunt. Doesn’t hurt to ask questions to make sure your antelope hunting guide is knowledgeable. When scouting yourself, look for tracks that are similar to deer, but Antelope do not have the rear “dewclaws” that make the small imprint behind the 2 big hooves on a buck. Also the Antelope track is a bit more narrow near the front. Antelope scat also looks similar to deer. It is about 1/2 – 3/4″ long and is light brown when fresh and almost black when sun dried.

Pronghorn Antelope tend to use open areas with little cover, and usually not too far from a water source. Antelope can run very fast and for great distances when they perceive a threat. During Antelope Hunts, it is a good strategy to keep the sun at your back and in their eyes. Pronghorn Antelope will bed down in wide open areas at any time of the day as they roam around nibbling. When they are together in a group not all of them will lay down because there will be antelope keeping a vigil as they feed around the other resting antelope of the group. The biggest one may be laying low or resting, so be patient during Antelope Hunts for the big one to show up.

Techniques for Successful Antelope Hunts:

Spot and Stalk During Antelope Hunts: By far the most common method for antelope hunts. Knowing this, it is vitally important to have quality binoculars and scope on a well-sighted, powerful rifle. Consider using shooting sticks to steady your aim for a long shot. On a rifle hunt, be prepared to take a shot as far as 250 yards. When traversing over the landscape, use saddles, ditches, holes and fence crossings to keep out of sight.

Hunters will improve their chance of success on Antelope Hunts by approaching down wind with the sun behind them and breaking up their silhouette by crouching and staying low. Keep your eyes pealed for low lying dangers when scooting or crawling (snakes, scorpions, cactus, etc…). Any of these could ruin your Antelope Hunt! Ask your antelope hunting guide if snake chaps are necessary for the area.

Still Hunting During Antelope Hunts: Again, scouting and placement of your blind is vitally important. For the bowhunter, muzzleloader or pistol hunter, range will need to be 20-60 yards. Sometimes silhouette and full-bodied decoys can be an advantage for drawing antelope closer. And at the right time of year, using a hunting call can also be effective. Check with your Antelope Hunting Guide to see if any special gear or camo is needed for still hunting antelope.

Weapons for Antelope Hunts: Hunters harvest the pronghorn antelope with rifles, blackpowder and bow and arrows. Experienced hunters often use Decoys (during archery season). Antelope Calling and Flagging to attract trophy Antelope, especially during the rut. Spot and stalk and still hunting from a blind are common methods, as well. Often times, the choice of weapon will determine the stradigies used on Antelope Hunts.

Your pro Antelope Hunting Guide or Outfitter will have a full understanding of all the methods and techniques needed for safe, exciting and rewarding Antelope Hunts. Ask questions before your trip to insure you know what hunting gear you need to bring. Binoculars, camo, choice of weapon and ammunition, etc should be on your list. Finally, it is important to be in good physical condition for Antelope hunts. The Antelope travel throughout their day and over great distances. You also may have quite a hike ahead of you in tracking your trophy Antelope – but the reward will be very satisfing!

Get a Spectacular Guided Hog Hunts Experience

No Mercy hunting L.L.C is a wonderful place for enjoying different hunting experiences in the country. They provide many hunting services like Oklahoma whitetail hunts, combination,sika deer, axis deer, elk, ram, goats, wild turkey, dove, predator, buffalo, exotic deers & games , guided hog hunts etc. That also offer priarie dog shoots to their clients who want to enjoy the thrill of hunt and feel the rush of adrenaline pumping through their body. Their aim is to provide the clients with the topmost hunting experience so that the clients remember and cherish the experience for years to come.

No Mercy is locate din the Southwestern part of Oklahoma in Caddo country. They offer many different kinds of hunts in the quarry’s natural habitat. The guidance and services that they offer is also the very best and the clients are able to enjoy a hassle free experience.The best part of NO Mercy is , they are able to offer something or the other to every hunter. If the hunter is a seasoned one or is just starting off they can enjoy the thrill of the chase to the hilt.They offer both semi guided as well as fully guided hunts to their clients. They work hard to meet the expectations of their customers and get them the shot they want. So whether it is a trophy animal or meat , the customers are able to get it the No Mercy way. The experts service providers of No Mercy also try to make the total experience an absolute fun.

No Mercy also provide comfortable lodging service. They have rustic cabins which have full sized beds in private bedrooms with full baths. They provide bedding to the customers along with a range of kitchen appliances like oven, range, coffee pots, refrigerators, microwave, toasters etc. The cabins can accommodate up to 8 people comfortably. The rate they charge is also nominal , about 35 dollars for a night per person. The non hunters with the hunters are also charged the same rate.

They do not provide ready made meals to the customers but they are given everything from fuels to utensils to cook with. There are also a few local restaurants within a few miles from the cabin where the customers can get their meals.So if you are looking for an experience of a lifetime and get the best services then No Mercy Hunting is the best option for you.

Are You Looking For The Best Of Hunting Scopes?

If you want to go hunting, it is better to buy one of the good hunting scopes to go together with your rifle.

There are two types of hunting scopes. One is a fixed-power type and the other a variable one. As the name implies, the fixed-power one has a fixed magnification setting. The variable scope can be changed to many magnification settings.

Using a hunting scope on your rifle or shotgun is the best way of saving time and shooting before your game disappears. If you are aging, your eyes might not have the same sort of vision. A hunting scope comes in handy.

This could cause problems while shooting. A fixed-power scope is constant in its setting and would not be unreliable. Some people may think a scope with a large objective is the best. However, it is not necessarily so.

By 3 times-9 times, it simply means that the magnification for the lower setting is three times and nine times for the higher setting. For those who do not know about magnification, it means that the actual size of the game like deer would appear three times the size when the setting is at 3times. Hence, it is easier to verify the game before shooting.

Instead of shooting a deer, you would not end up shooting a buck for instance. For magnification, you can choose between a fixed-power scope and variable scope. A fixed-power one has one magnification setting. A variable scope can be adjusted to various magnifications.

You can choose between a fixed-power scope and variable scope. A fixed-power hunting scope has one magnification setting while a variable one can be changed to various magnifications. When it comes to the size of an objective lens, a hunting scope of 40mm should be just fine for hunting.

With a fixed-power scope, it would not matter when it comes to quality. The magnification is fixed and would not cause much problem compared to a variable one. Under normal circumstances, the size of an objective lens of 40mm should be fine. A scope with a large objective can gather much light, giving a brighter view especially in low-light situations.

If you go hunting during sunset, such a hunting scope would be useful to discern animals. To put it briefly, a hunting scope of 3 times- 9 times with a 40mm objective is fine for most shooting purposes.

Places To Go In Iowa, USA

Fort Defiance State Park is in 191 acres and it offers picnic facilities and winter skiing, campsites (electric and non-electric) are also available.

Come to Arrowhead Park (Neola, IA) for a peaceful picnic with your family and enjoy the facilities that it offers. Do check the newly built modern cabins and enjoy the distinct luxury they provide for all tastes and budgets.

Many other facilities and wildlife watching is also catered for.

Small town atmosphere is created at Botna Bend Park for campers, and it has hiking trails along the Nishnabotna River. It is often visited by anglers too, as here you will find a vast variety of fish.

The park also provides the usual facilities with two relaxing journeys along the Nishnabotna River.

Elk Rock State Park provides all the modern facilities like showers, electric hook ups and trailer dumping station etc. Hitch rails and riding arena are also available.

It is a perfect and modern place for a day out for the whole family.

Well shaded Gull Point State Park displays paved roads and modern rooms are available for rent. Lots of other campsites are also available for having a blast.
With some modern equipment, Lake Manawa State Park has many campsites hooked with electric hook ups and many other amenities are granted.

The boundaries of Department of Natural Resources have green and white sign boards with Public Hunting Areas written on them.

These mean that anyone from the public has access to that area. There are some equal incentives like rest rooms, hiking trails, drinking water etc.

Maquoketa Caves State Park has lots of campsites for enjoying your picnic. The hikers should take a look at an interesting area here, which is an experimental oak savanna restoration and wild life food plot.

Waubonsie State Park is a place where you can enjoy horse riding and hiking alike.

Located in 1003 acres of land, Hitchcock Nature Center Honey Creek, IA) and it harbors a lot of remaining prairie land. It has a scenic point due to its central location in the heart of Loess Hills.

It also offers a beautiful and nationally recognized Hitchcock HawkWatch and test your birding skills here. Attend a seasonal recreation program and let your kids visit the children’s play area.

Casey Lake is an excellent place for fishing and a paradise for many anglers.

Lake Hendricks is a shallow lake, tipped with a night crawler. Anglers have the best time here during the evenings and also fishing is excellent in Lake Delhi, and it is slowly picking up in Volga Lake (Fayette).

Turkey and Upper Iowa Rivers provides good fishing in the evenings and early mornings. It has a variety of lures for fishing small mouth bass. Anglers can fish anywhere on the River Maquoketa.

Well, I reckon Iowa has definitely got my vote and I fancy taking my family there next Spring.

Surely you find Iowa enticing too.